Australian Day @ UBK Movenpick Hotel

Celebrated Australian day yesterday at UBK (Urban Bar Kitchen) in Movenpick Hotel, JLT. Mae and I regret coming in late for the event cause i thought they’ll only be serving unlimited canapes and drinks including alcohol. But then again, that was not what was waiting for us.
They had an unlimited scrumptious buffet from 1-5pm. They had chicken teriyaki, grilled chicken, lamb skewer, shrimp skewer, tasty cheese sausages, salad. etc etc. etc. it was flooding with food. BUT WE ARRIVED 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE BUFFET CLOSED. Anyway, even when I felt the need to use the toilet, I completely forgot about it because food first before anything else.
That was the only photo we could take. Their potato salad and their sausage was sooooo good I had to go for another round filling my plate with just that.
Hello kangaroo meat. I was hesitant to taste this at first, but since it was free and Mae had to taste it, that means, I had too. It was good……at first. If you didn’t know that it was kangaroo meat, it actually just tasted like normal meat. Also, it was super spicy. Maybe to get rid of the stench and unusual taste of it. On my third bite however, that’s when I tasted that I wasn’t just eating “normal” meat. So I stopped. I think 3 bites is enough to say I’ve tasted kangaroo once in my life. lol
And now, what I wore. Of course.
Lucky to have found this empty lot in JLT.
Comfortably wearing my maxi skirt from forever 21 and tank top from some store in the Philippines (I forgot).

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