I got this as a present on my birthday which is also my first ever Benefit product! It’s amazing how this little box made me love all of their products!

I love how it came in mini sized containers complete from steps 1 – 4. It also has tips on how to look your best in a jiffy!
1. POREfessional perfection. I love this product. It minimizes your pores without clogging it. You can put it under or over your make up.
2. Hello Flawless, Wow Oxygen. I’m not so much of a fan of liquid foundation because I have oily skin. This however, is an exception and the clinique liquid foundation that I blogged about here. It’s oil-free, it has spf and it doesn’t look like you’ve splashed foundation all over your face. It isn’t cakey at all.
3. Concealer. Just..the perfect blend. No more words for it. Just that!
4. Hello Flawless Powder. I love it! I love it! I love their powder! Again it has SPF. It’s matte and silky at the same time when you apply it on your face.
The good thing about these products is that they don’t cause breakouts which is the reason why I just love them. Another reason is you can actually get this box at a reasonably good price.
Last but not the least, after you’ve used up all the products, you can use the box for all your other make-up and little trinkets 🙂

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