Fremont, Old Las Vegas

When you say Vegas, I’m sure the first few images that pops into your head would be Caesar’s Palace, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, the famous Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and, well basically, the modern strip. Which is the photo below.

However, your Vegas trip will not be complete without visiting the old downtown Las Vegas, Fremont. Here, you’ll see the famous Golden Nugget Gambling hall and their light shows.
Getting to Fremont means you’re gonna have to go through the Golden Nugget Hotel first. And like the other hotels in Vegas, casino is your way through shops and any tourist spots inside hotels (based on my experience).
You’d think it’s daylight but it’s not. It’s because of their light show that went on until midnight. Which was beautiful by the way.
My aunt and uncle decided to roll some dice before we walked along the strip. That night, luck was on our side and won a few hundred dollars. That was enough for one night. We didn’t wanna lose the money we just earned. After that, we left the casino and roamed around.
By the way, a reminder for everybody that gambling is not just for fun! Gambling requires total self control and responsibility, take note of that!
Walking along this strip, you’d see and find a lot of interesting things. I mean very interesting things. Like the next pictures below.
There were different kinds of street performers, showgirls and bands that played rock music every few meters away. It was a long walk from where we entered and I don’t remember ever reaching the end of the strip. It was such a fun place to be. There were just so many things and so many people to see. It was noisy and different music were playing altogether, but it was the good kind of noise. It was the good kind of sound. And moreover, it was a one of a kind experience 🙂
So, this is my last Vegas post. Next, Disneyland L.A!

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