Hello 2015

Moving on from the holiday blues was quite a drag. Mostly because I greeted 2015 sound asleep in my bed, catching up on series and sleeping again during the last 3 days before work week.
But because it’s the new year, I didn’t just spend the whole time wrapped up under my warm, fuzzy blanket. I made sure to plan my outfit and come to the office all dressed up. Thank God, our office doesn’t require us to wear corporate clothes (which I love btw because that way, we can express ourselves more freely). 

Anyway, here’s what I wore on my first day at work in 2015:
My current favorite red coat is from Forever 21 (they are sooo warm), so are my tights and my shoes. I got the aztec dress from Aeropostale.
I have been obsessed with my red coat the moment I saw it that I practically just wear it with anything. Even if it doesn’t match the clothes I’m wearing. *guilty* 
Happy in this photo because of my coat! 
Because I don’t know how I’m going to properly end this post, I’m just gonna wish ya’ll a great week! lol. ciao!

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