Music Box

life lately
While roaming around Granville Island in Vancouver, a unique art store caught my eye. And because curiosity got the better of me and the fact that I absolutely love unique, cute, artsy stuff, I went in without hesitation. The moment I stepped in, I was in a different world already. The place did not disappoint me. It was heavenly. It was amazing how they produced good quality bags, accessories, wallets, customised t-shirts and more! I would buy the whole store if I could! It was just amazing, I could stay there the whole day.
Then, just as I was about to leave the store, I saw this awesome music box! Also, it played one of my favourite songs from The Beatles! The impulsive buyer in me kicked in and I just had to get it!

Just look at that beaut! You turn the handle to hear the music and it sounds heavenly. Those vertical lines hit the small dots as it turns and that creates the melody 😀

I have a thing for music boxes. Others may find it sad and lonely but I find peace with it. It calms my nerves, clears my head and for a moment I get lost. You know, the good kind of lost.

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