New Fave Products!

1. Neutrogena Sunscreen
I am absolutely in love with this product. I started using this when I was in Vegas for a week. I was using other sunscreen products before this one but with Vegas’ super dry heat, the previous products that I used was so bad it left my skin so oily and sticky and I had breakouts too (which was horrible). This is by far the only sunscreen that isn’t sticky or heavy on your face and on your whole body when you use it! It turns powdery and smooth after application. And the best part? It doesn’t cause break outs!

I would recommend this product for those ladies who have normal to oily skin like me. Of course, before you use it you might wanna test it on a part of your skin first. The products you use also depends on your skin type.

2. Clinique Age Defense BB Cream
Whoever said you can’t use age defense BB creams or moisturizing cream in your twenties is not true! You may wanna ditch that myth and start using them. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, it is advised to use them when you get you’re in your twenties. That’s why it’s called “age defense”. It should defend your skin from ageing when you turn 30 and 40 and 50. You don’t wanna start using them the moment you see wrinkles growing all over your face right?
Anyhoo, the reason I love this product is because it’s super light when you apply it to your face. If you’re thinking if it’ll be cakey after a few hours, well it won’t. It blends naturally to your face and it doesn’t give you that “you just splashed a whole bottle of foundation on your face” look 🙂 Also, it has SPF and it’s oil free! Perfect for the oily skinned ladies!
3. Benefit’s Gimme Brow
The awesome comments you heard about this little product is true! I love how it fills in the brows and makes it look natural. It doesn’t give you that over drawn brows that other ladies (including me) have when you use a pencil or powder. Hands down to those peeps who can control the way they shape and fill their brows with brow pencils though! It takes practice I’m sure! But if you’re like me who has a trial and error (but mostly error) in filling up brows using a brow pencil, this product is perfect for you! If you don’t believe me, go to you nearest benefit shop and see it for yourself!

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