Vegas: The Sin City

Vegas is definitely a vacation trip to always remember. Like my title says, Vegas is often called the Sin City. I never really realised why until I got to experience it.
We (my family included) traveled to Vegas by Land. All the way from Richmond, BC to Vegas is a total of 2 days and 1 night trip. On our second day on the road, we passed by Area 51 or at least the highway of area 51 and to be honest, I was kinda creeped out for a moment because it was such a long & dry highway, and there were no cars behind or in front of us. For a moment we even joked about how we were going to negotiate just in case UFO’s came flying on top of us. (HAHA)
The night fell and around 7-8pm we arrived at our hotel. We were all tired from the drive and even if we all badly wanted to walk at the Vegas strip (because the life began at night), we  decided to just wait until the next day.
So that night, we slept like babies and the next day, we were fully charged ready to take on an adventure!
Palazzo and Venetian hotel
The hotels in Vegas and shopping centers are interconnected to each other which means roaming around involves walking. A LOT of walking! So if you guys plan on touring Vegas, you might want to wear really comfy clothes and shoes/slippers. Also, get your sunblocks ready. The heat is going to kill ya. lol.
imageMy beautiful family 🙂 This was taken somewhere inside the shopping mall of Palazzo I think. I don’t remember anymore! I swear if you guys were there, you’d be lost and surprised at the same time because after you keep walking several miles (not exaggerating) you won’t realise that you’re actually in a different hotel already.
Venetian Casino. Pretending I know how to play their slot machines. LOL.
Crossing over to our next destination which I forgot! :))
The Venetian, Vegas
Of course, Vegas wouldn’t be complete without their famous casinos. Most of the casinos that we visited in Vegas had no clocks. Like those two photos above. This is probably why they call it the sin city. You will lose track of everything if you’re not a responsible human being. I see lots of people both young and old playing in the casino from the moment we arrive at about lunch until we leave at night (because entrance in most hotels always leads to the casino before you can actually go the shopping areas).
I remember we got lost in the venetian casino because we couldn’t find the entrance that leads to our parking. We actually spent a whole hour looking for it. It was a maze. Until later, we found out that the entrance to the parking was just in the middle of the casino which we actually already passed by so many times. lol.
On this day, I told my cousin, “You know, I feel like we’re going to come across a familiar person today.” And when we went to seafood city to have breakfast, look who we saw! Nonito Donaire. One of Philippines’ famous boxer just casually having breakfast with his beautiful wife.
Paris in Vegas ❤
Caesars Palace with the long lost cousin.
This photo was taken when we were about to leave Vegas. Hahah. We didn’t get to drop by this famous picture taking area (LOL) when we arrived in Vegas because we took a different route.
No goodbyes. Just see you again. Always 🙂
Traveling is tiring, no doubt about that. But nothing can ever compare that exhilarating joy one experiences when you’re exploring the world and it’s beautiful cities and people. Experience and beautiful memories are two of the many things no one can ever take away from you.

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