We Run DXB 2014

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It was my first time to ever participate in a marathon. A 10K marathon. I honestly thought that 10k would be a piece of cake since I walk everyday from the metro to the office everyday when I commute. I thought that my morning and evening walks to and from the office would be enough practice (lol. I know, silly me). Of course, I thought wrong. HAHA. It wasn’t just a piece of cake :))

The good thing about this run was that, there were professional runners and trainers at the event who was at the stage to get everyone warming up before the race started.
This photo was taken at around 6:30am and the event area was swarming with participants. There must have been more than a thousand who participated in the race both young and old.
We’re all set and ready for the race. But first, an obligatory team photo.
Almost halfway but I couldn’t run anymore so I stopped to take a photo of these minion look a likes while they run down the tunnel.
Reaching the 5k mark was already an accomplishment for me. I never realized that 5k was thaaaaaaat loooooonnggg. But reaching the 8k mark was even better. 2 more kilometers and I’m done with the race!
Finally, sweet success. It took me 1 hour and 35 minutes to finish the race. Not bad for me. It might have taken me that long but at least I kept going until the end. I felt so accomplished the race. My legs and feet killed me that I had to drag myself back to the event village to get my complimentary banana and coconut water! Thank you, Nike!
Fortunately, we were able to find the Media tent and we were given a VIP access thanks to Dabo & Co (who by the way also got us into the race). Oh the good, guilt free, healthy food was just the bomb after that exhausting run.
Once again, a big thanks to Dabo&Co for giving us a chance to participate in the race and for the wonderful experience. Moreover, thank you for taking care of us after the race 🙂
I will definitely be participating in such activities next time!

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