Weekend Haul

life lately

Hello Dubai shopping festival! And hello hole in my wallet! T_T

Just a few things to start with what happened during the weekend. Before we started shopping, my ladies (Abby and Mae) and I decided to fuel up!

First stop, PINKBERRY ❤
First things first, capture your food.
Next, hunt good bargain!
Bag from Parfois. If I’m not mistaken the original price was around 170+ and I only got it for 79!! I was ecstatic when I found this bag as I’ve been looking for that kind of style for weeks! Not only was it cheap, the bag wasn’t too big or too small at all. It was just the right size which was even perfect. No second thought when I bought it. I got it and placed it on the counter right away!

Red sweater from Suite Blanco. This is a much better deal. They have a promotion of 2 for 99AED. I didn’t want two of them, so my friend got the other sweater. Which meant I only paid 49.50AED for one. This one’s a really good bargain cause some of Suite Blanco’s clothes are a bit expensive.

Earrings from Parfois. So sorry for the tiny photo of the earring 😦 but I’ve provided one below 🙂
I have been looking for this kind of earrings since last year. And again, thanks to Parfois, they have it for only 20 AED. Hehehehe.
Because we were such good friends to each other, we all decided and convinced ourselves to control our bad uncontrollable shopping and settled to get the things we only need. So, I stopped at 3 items.
And then, after all the walking, it was time to just sit down, eat and gossip.
Ciao 🙂

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