What’s in my make up bag

1. Eyes
– Design My Eyebrows from the Face Shop which is perfect to use anywhere and everywhere.

– NYX Liguid eyeliner. It has a fine thin brush which makes it easy to apply on your eye. Also, it’s water resistant.

2. Lips
– NYX Matte Lip Cream. Favourite because it doesn’t leave on a dry look on your lips. Also, it doesn’t stain or smudge.
– Make Up For Ever lip liner. I always use a nude colour lip liner just to keep my lipsticks from bleeding.
– Glossy Tint from Victoria’s Secret. Love this nude lipstick because it goes with perfectly anything! This is by far the only nude lipstick that suits me.
– Elf matte lip color. (I love matte lipsticks fyi). It’s red. I love red. A red lipstick never leaves my make up bag.
3. Face
– Loose Johnson’s baby powder. Because I have oily skin and I hate retouching my face with powder foundation or pressed powder.
– Neutrogena sunscreen. Sun protection is always important! Plus, Dubai heat. Pretty obvious.
– Clinique Blush on powder in bashful plum. Leaves on a natural cheeky glow. A favourite!

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