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Look at those exercise mats and weights waiting for us.
Have you ever experienced working out in a -4 temperature? Well, now you can with Snowrobics at Ski Dubai! Last Tuesday, I was given the chance to experience working out in the cold!
The moment I got in, Eugene, our personal trainer (from MMA Fitness Center) that day had asked us to immediately jog in place. In no time, we were already warming up and getting our heart rates up. We were streatching and doing push ups (it was my first time to do it omg!) and even burpees (which I personally HATE!) but I was able to overcome it. Next, we got on to our yoga mats and started doing workouts that targets the core area. Damn! I never thought I could do it but I did! The good was Eugene was the kind of trainer who did not push you to work out. Rather, he encouraged us and motivated us to finish what we started.
After all that core workout, it was time to carry some sandbags and run around ski dubai and go up the snow slope…. Mind you, those sandbags were 10kg!!! We were told not to carry them since we were new to this thing. So instead Eugene told us to carry the 5kg ones (you see, there’s no escaping and reasoning out in this workout!). And so I did. It was just a few minutes more before the end of the session and I really thought I wouldn’t make it. I was at the brink of almost giving up. But with Eugene and his encouraging words, I was able to finish the whole intense work out! Indeed, you’ll never know how much inner strength you have as until you try!
At the end of the session, my fingers were so numb (despite wearing gloves) and even my lips. I couldn’t speak properly anymore.
My overall experience with snowrobics was unforgettable!
If you want to know more about the workout and it’s health benefits you can visit their site here :
With the MMA team and other members
MMA Team
Eugene, our motivator!!
With Eugene and his co-trainer, Liam

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