Make-Up 101


A very good friend of mine, Shella, came to visit last Friday and along with her she brought her artistic skills in make up!

Currently studying professional make up, she needed a few portfolios for submission and I happily volunteered (of course). Not only that but I also want to learn a few basic things when it comes to make up!
And tadaaa! I super loved the outcome! I could never do a smoky eye make up on myself! Also, it’s the first time that I’ve had this bold look as I’d always go for something simple.
Thanks to this pretty lady who took her time to teach me while she did wonders to my face (lol).
And to this little one who brightened our day!
We’re planning to do another make up sesh soon and this time with an outfit post.
P.S – I’ve had a couple of people asking me if the Bdellium brushes that we used were good. According to my friend they are good and you can get them at a cheap price too. Based on my experience, they were soft on the skin and they weren’t itchy (if ya know what I mean).

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