You’re probably wondering what #AsYouAre means. Just last week my girls and I discovered this new place called & Lounge located at the Dubai Address Hotel at the Marina. Apparently, the motto of the lounge is to come as you are. Which means that you can actually go there and not think about what you’re wearing. No dress codes! Finally, a place where you can really relax and be confident about your appearance!

Upon entering the & Lounge, we were greeted with unique abstract paintings and cute signs on their wall. Somehow, it felt like I went into a rabbit hole just like in Alice in Wonderland. In a snap you’re in a totally different place.
The interiors were one of a kind. We were told that the owner of the lounge had a very peculiar sense of creativity which the place actually portrays beautifully. I love how the walls were filled with beautiful and inspiring quotes. This place will definitely keep your eyes busy as you look at all the other decors.
& lounge has a theme for each day in a week. Every Wednesday they have what they call the ‘Live Lounge Wednesdays’ where they play song requests from the guests. Last Wednesday, we witnessed ‘Battle of the Pianos’ where the two pianists played beautiful music whether old school or new.
Entertainment is not the only thing to look forward to at & Lounge. They have free selected drinks and finger foods from 6pm -10pm if I’m not mistaken. They may just be finger foods, but they were scrumptious.
We loved our experience at & Lounge and we’ll definitely be back soon! If you want a relaxing chill night out, then & Lounge is the perfect place to be. You have just the right amount of good food, ambiance and music. And again, the best part, you don’t need to fuss about your outfit. Just come as you are and you’re good to go! 🙂
A big thanks again to Katch International PR and the people behind it for arranging this awesome night!


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