I have always, always been fascinated with pole dancing. I think it’s sexy and in my opinion, it brings out the confidence in a woman. I’ve always wanted to learn, but there weren’t any classes available in Dubai. That was sad, and I thought, I’m never going to learn to pole dance. Thankfully enough, last week, a newly opened pole dancing studio opened up in Dubai and my girls and I were very lucky to have been part of their launch and at the same time, to have experienced some basic pole dancing techniques 🙂

Mae and I casually chatting with one of their awesome instructors. She was very sweet as she was telling us stories on how she started with pole dancing. More than that, she was actually already encouraging us that when it comes to pole dancing, sometimes, you can’t help but be scared, but as the end of the day we have to learn to let go of that fright and just keep growing and learning. After our little chit-chat, she guided me to the pole and started teaching us some basic stuff.
First, it was how to carry your own weight. Which I did pretty well. And then she taught us how to go for a basic spin on the pole. I got my posture correct and all, I was proud of myself for doing that. But when I went for a spin, I ended up spinning straight down on to the floor (lol)
After that short intro in pole dancing, we were guided to an open area to watch one of their team perform and aerial silk exhibition. We were left speechless throughout the her whole performance. She was just amazing! The photo above can’t even do justice to how good she was!
Next was Vlada’s and Michelle’s (co founder and instructor of pole fit) pole dancing performance. I was left dumbfounded at how amazing they were. Amazing’s not even the proper word for their talents! It was unbelievable how they actually made it look like it was as easy as breathing. Like pole dancing was just a day to day thing that a normal person would do.
By the end of all of their performances, I got even more excited to sign up for their classes. I am so eager to learn and I can’t wait for my first day! I forgot to mention, another good thing about pole dancing here at Pole Fit Dubai, is that you can actually lose weight! No more slaving away in the gym and feeling obligated to lose those carbs! There’s always something new to look forward to every class! The whole team is so sweet and very encouraging as well, all the more to go to classes!
So what are you waiting for guys?! Visit their website, which I’ve provided below and start enrolling. They also offer a drop in class where you can try out their classes for one day to get the feel of it. Not only do they offer pole dancing, they also have aerial yoga and so much more. They even have dance classes for burlesque and twerking!

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