After opening up Crate & Barrel in 1962 as a family business, it’s now grown into over a hundred stores worldwide. The store offers contemporary, classic and even vintage furnishing that caters to everyone. And now, celebrating it’s 5th year here in dubai, I couldn’t have been more happier to be a part of their celebration as Crate & Barrel is one of my few favorite home shopping destination.

They made the event so homey as if you’re in your own backyard with the vintage patio lights and all. The artists who were playing some good ol’ music right at the entrance pretty much invited the passers-by to stop and have a good time. Another good thing was, the celebration was open to the public to enjoy!
Some good food and a fruit carving artist greeted us at the entrance. Now, who wouldn’t say no to food, I know it’s not me!
The event was filled with fun and laughter! There were a couple of activities for the press and the bloggers which consisted of advising the audience the some table design tips. After the small talk, there was a question and answer portion all about Crate & Barrel. For every correct answer, one gets a chance to spin the ‘wheel of Crate&Barrel’ to win exciting gifts and even gift vouchers!
Thanks to Al Tayer for that fun experience!
Crate&Barrel: Facebook Page

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