life lately
Probably the most unforgettable run I’ve experienced! Neorun is the first ever UV paint and night fun run in the Middle East and I am so happy to have been part of this crazy, glowing night! T’was even more unforgettable because I get to enjoy the night with two of my ladies Abby and Mae and of course my beloved cousin, Ashley who’s currently here in Dubai for vacation.

The very thing that I loved most about the run was their free glowsticks, free glowglasses (as I would call them) and the glow paints they threw at us during the run! I’m impressed how the run was very organized. Also, they had emergency trucks going round the autodrome every now and then to check on the runners.
It is indeed the place to glo.
After the run, there was a dark room where you’ll be able to see all the glow paints that’s been splashed on you. Before getting to the dark room, I did all I could to avoid getting wet, but once I got there, I just wanted more glow paint on me!! It was awesome 😀
 I would definitely be joining the next Neorun!!


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