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It has been quite a long and tiring month for me this April ever since my grandparents, my aunt and my cousin arrived here in Dubai for a vacation. But last Thursday, we dropped them off in the airport and I finally had the chance to get some good rest before I travel in 2 weeks!
However, even though I spent my Friday at home and half my Saturday at work, I’ve also done a couple of therapeutic things.
1. New side table
I finally bought myself a decent side table and trying to keep it tidy with just my picture frame (still don’t know what to put in it. Maybe something inspirational?), the seashells that I personally hand picked from the beach (haha) and my book (which I’m about to finish. yay!). Hoping I can keep it like that for the next few months or so.

2. Journals
I bought those notebooks on separate days and I only got to realise yesterday how much I have :/ I just can’t get enough of them and how pretty they are. I’m gonna fill them up anyway so I’m guessing it’s good to have a few back ups incase I run out 😀
3. Revlon Make up
Revlon recently sent me some goodies of their new products and I am just loving it. Specially the nude blush! I’m not a big fan of blush ons but when I want one, I always opt for the peach/nude colour. Luckily the one they sent me was perfect! Also loving their new foundation which has an SPF (yay). It’s light and smooth when applied as well. Thank you again Revlon and Havas ME for my new blush and foundation!
4. Monochrome
Went to work on a Saturday morning and Abby and I didn’t plan on wearing the same kind of shoes. We just liked the fact that we’re wearing the same style in contrast and we just had to capture that moment.


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