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I subscribed to Glambox 3 months back and in all honesty, I just got bored with the kind of makeup / skin care products they sent 😦 the ones I’m receiving are totally available in the grocery next door.

A month ago while ceaselessly surfing the internet hoping for something enthralling to come up, I stumbled upon another box subscription. I checked it out and thought, hey, this is something interesting.

Box Therapy, your therapy inside a box. And indeed, this box subscription did not disappoint.

1. Goodbyn Hero lunchbox: Perfect for snacks! My dad took it from me unfortunately. Says it’s perfect for his salad.
2. Knock Knock To Do List: This one’s the best!! I’ve always been a sucker for stationary items. I’ve already started using this and finally starting to get my life together (lolwhut).
3. Batiste Dry Shampoo: This one just came in time before I head off to wonderland next weekend! Can’t wait to use it πŸ™‚
4. Eyeko Eyeliner: An award winning eye make up in London. Not much of a fan of eyeliners with felt tips but who knows, maybe with this one, I might just change my mind πŸ˜‰
5. Mohzy Loop Cable: Another favorite! My iphone 4s charger just died on me and I couldn’t hide my happiness when I saw this. I don’t need to buy a new charger which will cost me hundreds of dirhams. Plus, I can finally keep my 5s charger extra safe at home when I travel πŸ˜€
Since I subscribed for 3 months, I can’t wait for my next 2 boxes to arrive! This is the perfect box subscription for you if you want something different every month. The thrill of waiting is always there because then you know that you’ll receive an array of products from stationary, make up, skin care etc.
Box Therapy

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