This is a long overdue post but hey, it’s always better late than never, right? It had been a very long day for me at the office and what we needed at the end of the day was to relax and unwind. Luckily, thanks to Soul Communications, we (Mae, Abby and I) were invited to review Eggspectation. It was our lucky night!
Their one and only branch in Dubai is located at JBR, The Walk opposite the beach. Eggspectation was first founded in Montreal in 1993. But because of it’s ‘eggseptional’ food, more restaurants will be opened soon around the world 🙂
Because of the name of the restaurant, you’d probably have the impression that it only serves breakfast. Fortunately, they don’t only cater to people who love mornings. They have everything you’re craving for at any time of the day whether it be lunch, a snack and even dinner.

One of the things that I loved about Eggspectation was their interior. It had a touch of vintage and it was very homey at the same time.
And now the food!!
Montreal Poutine covered with cheese hallumi curds and Eggpectation’s homemade sauce.
Smoked Salmon crustini served with capers, cucumbers, red onions and Philadelphia cream cheese.
Smoked Salmon Benny. Two poached eggs that were cooked with perfection, on multigrain toast with smoked salmon an Philadelphia cream cheese, topped with hollandaise sauce, a sprinkle of red onions and capers, served with fruits. 
Classic Crepe filled with bananas and strawberries topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Abby and I serious over our food.
My ladies and I with our awesome server during that night.
What better way to enjoy the night that spending them with good people and good food. Eggspectation did not disappoint us. I’d say that I was very satisfied with the food and the service too!
As much as we wanted to eat more, we were just too full to have any more. Thanks to Raz from Soul Communications for the giving us the chance to try out the food!
Soul Communications: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Eggspectation: Website | Instagram


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