DSC_0221Top: Forever 21; Skirt: Urban Planet; Shoes: Call It Spring; Necklace & Gold Ring: Forever 21







Last week, my sweet friends and I were suddenly inspired to do an outfit challenge. Of how it came to be was quite a funny story (but you don’t need to know the details). Moving on, we decided to choose a specific style to wear throughout the whole week. I decided to go chic! This is probably the easiest outfit to pull off anytime & anywhere, especially when moments like -staring-in-your-closet-thinking-you-have-nothing-to-wear- scenarios come up (which I know happens more than 80% of the time for us ladies).

Wearing this kind of outfit doesn’t take much of your time. Even though this kind of style is uncomplicated where you can just wear a simple top to pair with skirt/jeans, it still requires a creative eye to look out on the kind of details such as accessories or the prints on your clothing that’ll make your look ~fancyyyy~

In this outfit, I decided to pair my skirt with just a plain white tank top since the skirt’s already got my game going. I stuck to a simple ribbon necklace and a simple ring to finish off my look. I didn’t wear so much accessories because like I said again, the skirt.

As I quote the very over used lines, Simplicity is ultimate sophistication by Leonardo da Vinci, pulling of a chic style is the easiest but be careful on the details. You don’t want to be over or underdressed, what you want is sophistication.

Photos courtesy of Abby & Mae

Check out their outift challenge for the week as well by clicking their photos! 🙂

unnamed (1)          DSC_0209


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