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I have been eyeing this bookshop/cafe for quite sometime now and thanks to Soul communications, I finally got the chance to try out not only their food, but also the overall experience of just being in peace!

Located in Al Wasl Square along Al Wasl Road, this little heaven is the perfect place for someone who seeks serenity. With the ambience of the place, it’s no surprise that you’ll definitely find yourself staying for long hours in their sanctuary. Another good thing about it is, you can also buy the books in the cafe! If you’re wondering how Book Munch came to be, apparently the owners of the place had both the love for food and books. It’s no surprise as well, that they named their cafe after a book called “The Incredible Book Eating Boy” by Oliver Jeffers. It’s simply about a boy who loves books so much, he ate them all. Pretty cute concept I must say!

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Anyhow, moving on with our (w/Abby & Mae) experience in the cafe, the moment we got in, we pretty much just made ourselves comfortable. Since we were doing a Ramadan food review of the place, we decided to stick to their Ramadan menu (although their regular menu looked nothing less but extra tasty!).



We ordered their chicken avocado salad, meatball spaghetti and pancakes (I’m sure ya’ll can identify them right? right). Their salad was the bomb! It was the only thing (and their carrot cake, sadly no photo cause ya know, I was busy munching!) I ate the whole time! I didn’t get the chance to taste their pancakes though cause I was too full, but according to my friends, they were really good; I trust their judgement.

We spent the whole time savouring the food and looking through the pile of books they had. They have everything from fiction, to children’s books, cook books, etc. Overall, my experience at book munch was excellent. I’d definitely visit this place soon!


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