The Happy List

image Joining the bandwagon with Helga’s Friday’s 10 happy things. From now on for a year, every Friday, I have decided to post things, moments and little whatnots that made me happy. I think this is a good way to see that there are so many good things around us and will teach us (rather me) to appreciate them whether big or small. You must be wondering why I started this when we’re already halfway done with 2015. The thing is, it doesn’t matter when you start, the important thing is, you decide to begin. So, I’m doing this because I know at the end of this, it’ll teach me a lesson, and that’s to appreciate life better. To start off, here’s 10 things that made me happy!

  1. 642 Things to Write About – Finally got this book after I almost let it slip my fingers. For the people who like/love to write this is a good book to exercise your imagination, vocab, grammar.
  2. The Mindfulness Colouring Book & my watercolours – When I’m stressed out, that’s what I do, colour. It helps.
  3. TGIF – The weekend. For those who aren’t aware, weekends in Dubai are Fridays and Saturdays. And because it’s Friday today, another work week is over and I’m just going to snuggle around my pillows, relax and maybe a movie night.
  4. Received my June Therapy Box and couldn’t be happier after seeing what’s inside. Which I will be sharing with you all soon!
  5. I decided to start using an Editorial Calendar and organize my blog posts after reading one of Helga’s blogging advice here.
  6. Finally opened a bank account where I could stash all my money in. lol
  7. My Tori Kelly playlist. I just downloaded her album and my current favourite is Should’ve been us.
  8. For the upcoming issue of Read Magazine (to be released on Sunday), my article was chosen for the cover story.
  9. The One by Kodaline
  10. New game from the app store called Gran Text Auto. You have to play it to know.

What made you happy this week? Share some love through the comment section below! But, it would be more fun if you also joined by doing this post! Happy Friday people!


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