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I’ve recently blogged about box therapy about 2 months ago here. I signed up for their 3 month subscription to get a taste of what they’re offering. For a trial period, it’s usually better to sign up for 3 months rather than paying for a single box. That way you’ll be able to compare your previous boxes. I didn’t get a chance to talk about my May box since I had a lot on my plate after I came back from vacation; but I got a sarong, cuticle oil, a nail polish, some organic chips and coconut water. Something that’s perfect for summer.

This June, Box Therapy surprised me with a bang! What they got for their subscribers is something definitely worth the money! Everything inside are your travel essentials. Check them out:

tumblr_nr09rvLIKA1rpd9hwo1_540 copy

  1. Skullcandy headphones. Need I say more?
  2. Collagen Eye patch. Perfect if you’re traveling since getting puffy eyes are sometimes inevitable especially when you’re in a plane.
  3. Inflatable neck pillow, eye mask and ear plugs. Economy class plane rides aren’t always the best especially with kids around. These little wonders will definitely help!
  4. Miriam Quevedo Sublime Gold Shampoo and Mask. The travel pack shampoo from Miriam Quevedo is enriched with caviar, imperial orchid, and organic Argan oil to nourish and regenerate the heart of the hair shaft and scalp.
  5. Pack This knock knock pads. Don’t you hate it when you’re about to leave and all of a sudden you forget to pack something? Fret not, use this pad!
  6. Toiletry Organizer. With your shampoos, and lotions and what not scattered everywhere, this travel bag will keep organized.


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