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This week went on by quickly probably because it’s Ramadan and work timings are reduced. My job has been treating me just fine too since it’s only the second week of the month, which means we haven’t been panicking again for all of our magazines to close. It’s been a chilled relaxing week.

  1. Percy Jackson and The Greek Gods. I’ve decided to get a book that’s out of my league. I’ve always been a fan of romantic novels and I think it’s time to switch genres and spice up my reading interests.
  2. I like solving puzzles so I bought myself Pretty Puzzles just to help me kill time when I’m out or bored or something. At least it’s something that’ll get my mind working.image
  3. Weekend fun with two of the best human beings in the world, Mae and Jing.
  4. Burger Rebel restaurant review last Wednesday. They probably have the most unique burgers in town! My review on that will be up soon!
  5. Won’t be wearing my eyeglasses soon!!! I had my check up last week and my right eye don’t have a grade anymore except for astigmatism. Left eye grade’s still the same but I’m praying it will get better soon!!
  6. Game night with parents and friends last night. We spent a whole 4 hours playing Taboo and Scattergories.
  7. I bought myself a new face powder from Bourjois and of course, not regretting it. I love their products!
  8. Received eye make up from Revlon and I couldn’t be happier!image
  9. I don’t know if I should be happy to be consuming a whole 37 grams pack of Maltesers, but I’m sure you all know that satisfying feeling!!
  10. Bought a new dress too from Cotton On ❤



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