The Happy List, Uncategorized


My week didn’t start so great but went fairly well as the days went by. I don’t have much to say so I’m gonna go ahead with my happy list!

  1. Home made ube (purple yam) from Mae’s mom which by the way tasted amazing!
  2. Another game night with my homies last night. Not only did we play games, we also indulged ourselves with overflowing junk food and other non healthy stuff. lol
  3. Waking up to beautiful mornings >3
  4. Again, my Percy Jackson and The Greek Gods book. This novel is so good that I actually find the a way to squeeze in some reading time.
  5. Today’s Korean and seafood lunch. *fingerlinkingood*
  6. Bought a new set of toilet cleaning products and I’m excited to clean my bathroom again. (I know it sounds weird but it’s kind of an OCD thing)
  7. Tried out T25, an exercise that Jing had been recommending me to try out for months. Man, I sweated so much I looked like I had just come out of the shower. No regrets, I’d recommend you guys doing it too!
  8. Doing french tip on my toes all by myself!
  9. My scented candle giving off a relaxing vibe while I read my book.
  10. Knowing that I’ll be able to sleep in tonight! Hello long weekend!

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