Here’s to more food adventures! Thanks to Culex hospitality for giving my team and I to experience Little Bangkok! The photos don’t even do justice as to how mouth watering and irresistible the food was! We ordered a whole bunch of noodles and appetizers and I don’t even know how to begin to describe each one of the, Nonetheless, our favourites from the starters were the creamy tom yum soup and the dim sum platter (below) where the duck tasted uh-may-zingggg! For the main course it was their pad thai and bamee poo nim tod. Even their drinks were Thai inspired and had something unique going on in there! I wish I could tell you exactly how tasty their dish was but even my words won’t be enough. Little Bangkok is now up on the list of my fave restos yo! Enjoy looking at my low quality photos taken by my shitty phone! lol.
imageimageimage image


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