The Happy List, Uncategorized

kaboompics.com_Phragmites by sunset

  1. Work week began on Monday which meant we only get to work for 4 days! Hooray!
  2. Little Bangkok food review. Thank you Culex hospitality for having my team and I devour Little Bangkok’s amazing dishes!
  3. Three of the accessory designers I’ve contacted have been featured in the August issue of one of our magazine! 😀 yay!
  4. Roses on a Monday + green tea kitkat + nissin seafood noodles = perfection. Thanks to Abby my food provider! image
  5. Shawarma day yesterday at the office. It’s been a while since the team gathered to have lunch together and what perfect way to have lunch over shawarma and some good ol’ garlic sauce and pickles.
  6. Dat cheese cake from Pret-to-go that tasted sooo good, I bought it even if it costed me AED 25 for a slice that’s a size of half a sandwich.
  7. I have been pigging out for the whole week and I’m not even regretting it.
  8. Started doing drills to improve my calligraphy. Will definitely start my 365 days of calligraphy soon!
  9. Took out some clothes (finally!!) from my closet that I don’t need.
  10. Ate Nina’s blog about calligraphy and everything you need to know right down to the basics which inspired me to start all over again!

What made you happy this week? 🙂


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