imageI’ve passed by this dessert place a couple of times in Dubai mall but it never really caught my attention until we decided to do a review on it. I thought, why don’t we go for desserts this time.

image image

These exotic waffles were mouth watering! And my photos can’t do enough justice. Anyway, what I loved about their waffles was that they were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The melted chocolate which they claim to be pure Belgian tasted soooo good! It was just the right amount of sweetness and the fruits which were very succulent balanced¬†everything out. Personally, this is my favourite and I’d come back for this again and again :p

Spinach crepe for the vegan. Not a fan of savoury crepe as I’d always prefer the sweet ones, but this one’s an exception. I wish I could describe to you exactly how good it smelled and how amazing it tasted! The mushroom, pinach, mozzarella and edam cheese were a perfect combination!¬†image

Chocolate caramel pancakes which were so fluffy! The thing is, I only had a slice as it’s very filling but no doubt that they tasted really good!

Just looking at them makes me miss the food so much already. I’m going to stop here and let you all stare at these yummy treats! Ciao!


2 thoughts on “GRANNY’S WAFFLES

  1. Looks so yum! I wanna lick my computer screen lol. This is actually my first time to hear about the Spinach Crepe, like you, I’d always prefer sweets but on the other hand, I wanna try that one too. Haha But that chocolate caramel pancakes look so good, I wanna try them! Huhu

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    1. The caramel pancakes were really good but super filling! I only had half a slice! But the crepes were definitely one of my favourites! Wish I could teleport the food to you!


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