The Happy List


Ramadan’s finally over and the city is coming back to life. This week has been jam packed with so many events, I wish I could split my body into two. Nevertheless, even though it’s been a tiring week, it was definitely a productive one.

  1. My ladies and I were finally able to try out HintHunt. A live escape game where you had 60 seconds to get out of a mystery room. It was soooo much fun and we’re actually planning to explore every escape game there is in Dubai (if we can lol). You can read all about our experience in Mae’s blog but I’ll also be posting my own personal experience!
  2. Finished two articles for Read (our weekly magazine).
  3. Pixels premiere night. IMDB ratings were low but I had fun and I wish we could play live video games like that! Not just the part where Donkey Kong takes over the world of course! Also, I want my own Q-bert!!
  4. Granny’s waffles food review where I practically almost ate a whole plate of waffles and chocolates and fruits!
  5. My new neoprene swimsuit that I bought online that’s 200DHS cheaper than the original triangl! 0001431_multi-colour-neoprene-pink-and-orange_600
  6. Chocolate crinkles pasalubong all the way from Baguio thanks to Mae!
  7. Pay day. Need I say more?
  8. Last night’s shopping with my mom. It was 75% off at American Eagle and I scored a dress and a pair of pants. Also bought myself a new face powder from Rimmel.
  9. My sims free play on iphone. Although I feel a bit frustrated because I can’t find a cheat that will give me more money! I just wanna fix my sim’s house!!!
  10. This video during the launch Microsoft Windows 10 because they caught a snippet of me stupidly dancing in the middle of the crowd.

How did your week go? 🙂


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