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Half of July has been pretty quiet because of Ramadan. But because we were only required to work for half a day, it meant the second half of it was allotted  for some extra sleep and fun! Here are my July Favourites.


  • Every week for the month of July, we have been jam packed with food reviews which was all about their Ramadan Special. Although we had to wait for 4 hours before we could go to the restaurants, I had no complains..it was free food anyway mehehehe.
  • I’ve also immersed myself in Tori Kelly and Kodaline’s album..major eargasms, I’m telling you.
  • Revlon never fails to forget us as they sent some love on a few of their newest eye make up collection ❤ #loveison
  • Finishing the butterfly page on my colouring book. They said this’ll calm your nerves but this page almost got me frustrated…I hated colouring the tiny spaces. But you know, taught me patience..if you want something beautiful, it will always take time *wat*
  • My on-the-go puzzle notebook that keeps me company when I’m all alone at a coffee shop or just anywhere and my Percy Jackson book. One of the very first fantasy novel I own (again) after 123028449437 years.
  • Attending the Microsoft Windows 10 event up top the tallest building in the world (I’m sorry I just had to emphasize that because we rode 3 elevators just to get to Armani Hotel).
  • And my favourite shenanigan this July would be my experience at HintHunt. You can read all about my experience here.

How was your month? 🙂


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