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I used to be a coffee lover; so much so that I could have 4-5 cups in a day. Until someone introduced me to drinking tea. Ever since, I’ve opted to have tea instead of coffee because come on, we all know that tea has so much more benefits! Not only that, it has different flavours and you can always spice up your tea game by adding your own beverage such as milk and even alcohol. TEA IS SO MUCH FUN!

Yesterday, Mae and I were able to attend a tea tasting event for Avantcha. It was my first time to attend such an event so not only was I giddy and excited but also curious at the types of teas they were going to serve. I thought maybe they’re going to be a normal black tea with some other mixture to go along with it…but it wasn’t. They were brewing something much more different. Something much more YUMMY!

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Below are my personal favourites!

IMG_7200 copy

The white tea pear and orange tasted refreshing. It’s a kind of drink that you’d have with anything as it kind of cleanses the palette. This drink is definitely for calming the soul.IMG_7242 copy

The white & Orange white tea is for the fun and quirky. I love how it blends perfectly where you have that sour and yet sweet taste to it!

With Avantcha’s premium tea, they’ll surely take your tea-ventures to a whole new level! They have upto 130 difference hand-selected blends which you can purchase on their website. Their teas are only available through selected restaurants and one of them is Crab Tavern. So if you wanna check out their amazing flavours be sure to visit Avantcha online.


Thank you to Avantcha for having us yesterday and also for these teas to take home! Currently having one right now and I’m having the perfect af-tea-noon! 🙂

Don’t forget to visit their social media platforms and website!



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