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If there’s one thing in common that the three of us have, it’s our love for food. Last week, my girls and I set off to another foodie adventure, this time indulging in the Indian cuisine. If you knew me well enough, the only Indian food I’d eat would be their butter chicken and their paratha. Also, even though Mae eats Indian food, she’s also very picky when it comes to their cuisine especially their biryani, because as far as I know she only eats the one from her mom’s friend’s cooking. As for Abby, she doesn’t eat spicy food.

So, when  we got the chance to review Biryani Pot, it was going to be like a first time experience for the 3 of us. My first time to taste biryani, Mae’s first time to eat another cooking of biryani and Abby’s first time to try Indian cuisine.

When we got there, they had already prepared the food they were going to serve us. We started warming up our tummies with their Masala Quinoa Salad. I looooove quinoa so when I saw the food I just started gobbling them; and what made it taste perfect was their lemon butter sauce which matched perfectly!

Our main course was overflowing with food. We had:

  • Biryani Pot Mix Grill which consists of chicken and lamb seekh kebab with fresh naan bread.
  • Chicken biryani which was surprisingly not so spicy at all. It had just that perfect kick of spice that even a person who doesn’t like spicy food will love this. Also, it’s not dry at all! The best part was it’s served in a pot 🙂
  • Quinoa biryani which is great for the vegetarians out there! I must say they cooked it perfectly.
  • Butter chicken which was my ultimate favourite of all!! I especially loved eating it with their naan bread :p *drools all over*
  • Daal Makhani which was like lentil paste(?) It has a very creamy texture that tasted like spaghetti sauce but more buttery. Anyway they’re my second favourite.

For desserts we had Rasmalai which was cottage cheese dumpling in milk and their Gulab Jamun which I loooooved! It had that milky taste plus pistachios! yum! :p

My overall experience at Biryani Pot was uh-may-zzzing. I now officially have a favourite biryani place to go to!

That’s how Mae takes her selfies!


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