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chocolate chip

Goodevening folks! I haven’t been able to do my F10HT last week and I have a perfectly good reason why. To sum it all up, here’s the top 10 happy things that happened over the last 2 weeks!

  1. Mae’s pre birthday celebration last Friday and Saturday. Now you know.
  2. Bought a new bed frame and mattress which was set up just this morning!
  3. I also added a new charm for my pandora bracelet; I got the Statue of Liberty. I’m currently collection charms for my “travel” bracelet 🙂
  4. My article was again chosen to be the cover story for Read this week!
  5. Finding the time to do my calligraphy drills. Man, I wish I could have the whole day..I won’t even get tired!
  6. A spontaneous road trip to Fujeirah..ended up at Fujeirah city centre to do some shopping. Apparently the items there are so much more cheaper! Probably because they’re 2 hours away from the city.
  7. Scored new sandals and a new bathing suit from American Eagle which was on sale!
  8. I have been in and out the clinic these past few days because my body is abnormal like that and after a few tests, I thank God it’s nothing serious.
  9. Ate Singaporean laksa at Noodle House. I have been craving and I thank the perks of my job because we had it as a food review 😉
  10. Some business plans that my ladies and I are planning which we are going to launch soon! 😉

How was your week?


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