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Before 2015 ends, my ladies (Mae & Abby of course) and I agreed on a goal to go on as many adventures as we can. Whether it involves food, road trips, activities, etc. we were going to go for whatever made us happy. This is the year we will make things happen (what a starting line!). So just the other day when I got the chance to get in touch with Adventure HQ for a review, we went straight to Times Square to try out their obstacle course and their rock climbing.

This will be my second time to experience Adventure HQ. My first was at Mirdiff City Centre Magic Planet and I honestly had a hard time rock climbing. But this time, it was fairly easy just as long as you know the techniques. The rock climbing was my favourite part but the obstacle course that hung 6.5 metres off the ground was the one that got my knees shaking. There was even this one time where I sat on my harness in the middle of a hanging tire because I couldn’t stand straight anymore! What a laugh! I had mixed emotions all through out the obstacle course, sometimes I even paused and thought of how I could make the wrong step and fall. Of course, those thoughts didn’t help. I have a weird imagination sometimes. Moving on, thank God for friends who cheered on me and encouraged me to go on! The obstacle course took me about 10-15 minutes to finish although it felt more like… eternity to get through the whole thing!! But, like they say, it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop! To top it all off, the four of us were able to finish what we started. It was even more fun because we had Jing, our featured victim with us for the night and the experience couldn’t have been better. Watch out for my next new post as our new victim enjoyed her share of fun!


imageGetting to the top was an accomplishment for me! During my first time I think I didn’t even reach halfway :))


imageOn my way down. My favourite part of course!! HAHA.

Take note guys that there are very strict safety rules and procedures to follow. Even though this activity is for fun, never take your safety lightly. There are instructors within the course to guide and instruct you and it’s important to follow them.

More adventures to come!

❤ Bianca

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