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My week started off fairly okay and I’m quite happy it passed by quickly. It’s the 2nd half of the month again and the workplace has been toxic. Not complaining though because the weeks don’t feel like drag. It’s always better when you’re busy sometimes, time passes by so quickly and the next day’s already the weekend.

This week has been jam packed from Sunday to Thursday, including today. Here’s what happened 🙂

  1. The make up artist I contacted all the way from Indonesia finally replied to me and sent me all her portfolio for the magazine we’re working on!
  2. Mae and I reviewed this Andalusian restaurant called Bertin and their food was exquisite! I don’t eat paella because somehow the last time I ate one, it didn’t really taste very palatable but after tasting the one at Bertin, I must say, it’s my favourite now!
  3. We were given the chance to try Adventure HQ! Read all about my experience here!
  4. We took on another adventure at Gravity at Magic Planet in Mall of the Emirates where we got to try out their newest trampoline attraction.
  5. Upping up my tea game by having Moroccan mint tea with honey which tastes sensational. Especially when you eat them with yummy chocolates too!
  6. I have been extra productive this week and striking tasks on my notebook felt victorious!
  7. Went to a food tasting event at Cravin’ Cajun to check out their newest addition to their menu. I must say they tasted funky!
  8. I finally bought weights for my workout!!
  9. Celebrated my mom’s birthday with other family member and eating loads of food. The loads of food was the happy part.
  10. Spending time with my 7 year old cousin who is one curious little boy! Meet Miggy 🙂image

How did your week go? 🙂

❤ Bianca


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