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There’s only one place where I get my hair groomed, it’s at Sevelin Beauty Centre. I have been going back a couple of times to get a hair cut and I always leave the place with a happy heart! Because they have been doing such a great job all the time I thought, why not share their beauty secrets to the world by doing a review of their best selling treatments!


My weekend was well spent thanks of course to Tita Jenny, the owner of the spa, who have been very accommodating!! Having a relaxing beauty/spa day with my ladies made it all the more fun too! To kick off with our relaxing journey, they gave us a tour in their humble abode. The place was very homey yet at the same time very private as they had separate rooms for each treatment. More than that, they gave off a very professional vibe the moment you enter their salon, which of course should be the case when you visit one. One of the reasons why I love going back to Sevelin is for one reason, they treat you like family. You will really feel at home. 


Anyway moving forward our first treatment for the day, was their Moroccan bath. Abby has always been asking me to try it for the longest time, and now I have. The experience was divine! Moroccan bath has many benefits if you didn’t know; besides the fact that they scrub away all that dead skin cells which gives you a smooth and radiant skin after, it also reduces stress and anxiety and gives deep relaxation and rejuvenation. I felt like a new person as I was done with the treatment and I also felt the before and after smoothness of my skin, so I’m definitely doing this again soon!



Next on the list was their Swedish massage by ate Jo who was a professional physical therapist. What I loved about her was she could control the pressure of her strokes and by the end of the massage, I couldn’t have felt more revitalized! I felt like my soul was reawakened!

While I had my share of relaxation in their massage treatment room, my homies were getting their hair done. Mae was going for a platinum blonde ombre and Abby for an ash blonde ombre. However, I just got their keratin treatment because as much as I wanted to have my hair coloured, I’d prefer to have it untouched. I loved my keratin treatment though! My hair is as soft as a baby’s! ❤ ❤ ❤


Abby’s end hair results which I personally love! Looking really classy!image

From stubborn waves to volumized neat hair after the keratin treatment.Untitled-1

Mae’s over the top hair transformation from ordinary to platinum blonde. Take note though that the treatment for her hair doesn’t end here. She’ll go back after a month or so to have the colour she desires!

Without a doubt at the end of the day we were all pampered and taken care of like babies! All three of us couldn’t express how happy we were at the end results 🙂 Of course, this wouldn’t be the last time we’ll all be visiting Sevelin. A big big thanks again to Tita Jenny for accomodating us and to the sweetest staff as well for making us feel like we’re just in the comforts in our own homes!


What are you waiting for guiseee!? It’s time to pamper yourself and there’s no other place to go except Sevelin! Don’t forget to visit their social networks for more info!

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❤ Bianca

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Sevelin Beauty, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own.


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