Achieving the Granny Hair with Sevelin Beauty Center

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Last week we posted a review on the Sevelin Beauty Center, where we were invited to try out their services. Safe to say we were there for the whole day, I also took the opportunity to take a step closer to achieving my dream hair: Gray/Granny hair. It’s been a trend all over, and I kept putting it off since I know the maintenance of such hair, would be damaging, and costly. WTH, I decided to go for it when they offered to do the first step, which is basically bleaching my hair. Hair will grow back, I really didn’t mind now. So I wanted to share with you, my first hair adventure.


My hair is naturally, fine, thin, straight and jet black. You’ll notice how the ends still have that dipped ombre effect, I just let my hair grow out after having all my hair dyed brown years ago. They told me that they would have to bleach it, I knew it was going to make my hair dry up, because of its naturally dark pigments.



Above you’ll see Megha (left) and AJ (right), applying the first round (yes I had two rounds of this!) of bleach onto my hair. I sat for about 3 hours before they finally washed it off, I’ve got to tell you, those foils are heavy!


The bleach really did its work on my hair, but I knew I was one step closer, I almost didn’t want them to apply the actual color. It’s advisable to come in with virgin hair if you want to dye your hair a color, that has something to do with bleaching your hair.


The next step was applying the first layer of color, which will help in making my hair lighter for the gray color that I want. After applying it, they treated my hair with Luxury of Royalty by Crystal products.


So this is the final effect of the first treatment that I received, after about a month, I came back and they finally colored it the gray color I have always wanted. One of the best things I love about this place is that they really take care of your hair, and they will give you options on what colors would go best. I also loved the ombre effect they gave me.

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