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Eyebrows are no longer a trend these days and is now a necessity to groom them every now and then. Take note that it’s very important to have clean brows as these babies are the frame to your face! A well groomed brow is a well framed face. If you don’t know how to take care of them on your own, then you better get those tweezers away from your hands and look for a salon you can trust who knows how to get your brows in the game. Looking for a salon is not difficult, it’s the person who will get those eyebrows on fleek that’s going to be the pain in the ass.

But before I get to the whole session, let me tell you some silly eyebrow myths!

  1. MYTH: Your eyebrows won’t grow back after you pluck them.
    FACT: Your hair usually takes four weeks to reach the surface for it to grow all the way back and this is true whether you tweeze, wax, or thread! Try to avoid chemicals or rubbing your eyebrows if you are stressed. Both of these things can cause your eyebrows to fall out. But so far, you’re good!
  2. MYTH: Never pluck above the brows
    FACT: You can absolutely pluck above your brows BUT ONLY IF NECESSARY. Otherwise, leave it alone! You can only pluck from the top if you still need extra shaping to do but most of the time the hair above your eyebrows will always be left untouched. The reason why we pluck below the brows is because we want high brows and not low droopy ones. So don’t touch it unless you need to.
  3. MYTH: Your brows should match your hair colour.
    FACT: Lol no. Easy, the idea is to assess your entire complexion and make sure your brows seem appropriately impactful.


Moving on… Finally Bobbi Brown has now introduced a Brow Studio in Dubai Marina Mall who will not only get your brows done for you, but also show you how to take care of them! I on the other hand was able to experience this session yesterday and I must say I had a blast. I’ve had my brows done years ago and I swore to never have them touched again as the person who did it made my brows thinner..which was a no no! But yesterday, they treated my brows with such care that they did everything I had asked them to..not to make my brows thin (I love my full on thick brows). I only wanted them to get rid of the stray hair right above my eye and that’s exactly what they did.


The Good thing about the whole brow session is that, you actually have a one on one lesson with your beauty specialist. Personally I think this is a good thing because for the shy people out there who wants to ask questions, communication will be easier. Also, it’s different when you have just one person who’s attention is all yours.


One of the top beauty consultants of Bobbi Brown (whose name slipped my mind!) was very kind enough to explain everything I needed to know about brows, especially on how to properly take care of them. She even showed me where she’s going to pluck them before doing it.


After the whole session and the little tutorial I got from the Bobbi Brown team, it was time to get some photos!



As you can see, the difference isn’t much, really. I’ve made sure that they only clean out the stray hair and now I’m in love with my brows! By the way, they have this cool offer where they teach you the proper way to do your make up and by the end of the session, they give you the products they used on you (for more info give them a call or visit their website). What are you waiting for guiseee! Visit the first ever brow bar by Bobbi Brown at Dubai Marina Mall. They’ll definitely take care of your brows! Ciao!

❤ Bianca



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