#TSHOOTD – Troublemaker


It’s the ber months, and that means two things: summer is about to end, and that schools’ are starting. If you are still in high-school or college, please enjoy those moments, you’ll only be in your current age for one year, and you’ll only be able to experience that moment once. Don’t rush growing up (believe me, it’s not all fun and games), I would give anything to be able to go back to my teenage years and enjoy the educational life, where my biggest problem was submitting the homework on time.

This OOTD post is dedicated to all the students out there, be bold, have restrictions, laugh, dance, enjoy those simple moments, don’t regret anything, after all, how are you to learn if you don’t know how to fall down? Create trouble, but be responsible.





I love wearing light and simple pieces, especially during the weekends and summer. You don’t need to empty out your allowance or savings to look cool and feel good. The pieces I’m wearing here are budget friendly, and basic fashion items one must have. If you don’t already have a favorite pair of jean shorts, simple white tee, tartan/plaid polo shirt and white/black converse, you have to get them, as it’s easy to pair them with laid back outfits.

White Tee: Carrefour | Denim Shorts: Amisu at New Yorker | Plaid Polo: Whatever Apparel atRobinsons Department Store | White Sneakers: Converse | Sunnies: Koton | Backpack: Borrowed from Abby | Hair: Sevelin Beauty (Check out how I dyed my hair)


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