#TSHOOTD – Granny Hair and Joggers


Trying to get in the trend is pretty difficult if you’ve got a petite frame like me. The styles dedicated to the young women aren’t easily available in my size, which is why I tend to get a bit frustrated when it comes to shopping. I love stores that have a dedicated section for petite women, or has sizes in XS and sometimes (this is very rare) in XXS.

One of the style trends I’ve been dying to try out was the ‘joggers’ outfit. It’s difficult to find one that has a perfect fit, and wouldn’t look like an actual jogging pants/workout pants, and one that also has a good material.

Shopping tip 101: When shopping for a specific item, don’t look for it! This has happened to me a hundred times, I bet it has for you too. That moment when you’re trying to look for a specific item or style and you’ve gone through a hundred stores but couldn’t find it, and then on the day you’re not looking for it and you’re just randomly browsing through the racks, is the time you actually find what you’re looking for!





I bought this jogger pants at Forever 21 but at the Young Girls section. It wasn’t on sale so it was a bit pricey, but I just had to have it. It was the perfect length, a great fit for me and the material is soft and perfect for winter or for a cool day out. Since it’s for ‘kids’ technically, the form, at the waist, isn’t that great, the garter area is a bit thick, so wearing it with a shirt that is not a crop top, will leave me looking fat and short (er).

Crop Top: Cotton On | Joggers: Forever 21 | Shoes: Lee Cooper |Hair: Sevelin Beauty Center

Find out how I was able to achieve this granny hair with Sevelin Beauty Center here.


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