The Happy List

  1. Experienced a Brazilian themed night at Fogueira restaurant located the Ramada Plaza JBR which got me dancing salsa unexpectedly.
  2. Being productive in the office and I’m glad I’m actually finishing off some things way before deadlines.
  3. Finally planning a couple of future posts for my blog. I need to get my personal life together.
  4. Gonna do a collaboration with one of the international shoe brands 🙂 I’m excited AF!
  5. Suits season 3. Girl crushing on Rachel Zane.
  6. Grey’s Anatomy. But I’d be happier if I could just buy the whole season and binge watch!
  7. The new iPhone 6s is out and I can’t wait to get myself a new phone 😀
  8. Excited for another foodie adventure tomorrow ❤
  9. When a person you look up to on instagram follows you. aaahhhh
  10. End of the month 😉

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