Going to work on a Saturday didn’t feel much of a drag as I looked forward to having some good food for lunch. Spirito did not disappoint.

My heart was caught off guard the moment I laid my eyes on their interior that I actually thought of having the same concept for when I finally get my own apartment. The vibe that it gave off spelled freedom. The whole place made you feel so carefree and not only that, it was sooo colourful!  Thought chandeliers were only supposed to be placed high above the ceilings? Not with Spirito. I could chill in this place the whole day and I won’t even complain! It’s like you’re in your own living room.

And because the interior was something really unique, I had high expectations for the food as well which thankfully was the bomb!!! For starters (L-CW) we had mango avocado salad with chili (which was by the way not spicy at all), ceviche de camarao which was basically chopped shrimps, radish, lemon and pineapple and banana fritters with guava sauce. They were all amazing although I thought the salad needed more zest in it. Nevertheless, no complaints!

With the main course (L-CW) we had:
Frutos Do Mar which was a platter of shrimp that’s good for 2 people to share (they were heavenyl!!)
Grehaldo De Cordeiro which was baasically lamb with mint salsa (FAVOURITE!)
Picanha Molho A Campanha. Rump cap with mango salsa (Another thumbs up!)
Beetroot Risotto (the original description of it in the menu was too long). This palate was something really new for me. I’m a fan of the original risotto, if you know what I mean, but this one didn’t really tickle my taste buds.
Mandioca Frita, in short, cassava chips 🙂


I loved everything that was served to us except the beetroot risotto but I’d still give this restaurant 5 stars! So don’t forget to visit their social media!

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

❤ Bianca


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