The new Black Musk by Body shop is finally out in Dubai!

With that said, I’m one of the lucky girls who got a personalized bottle with my name engraved on it! 34 years ago, Body Shop released it’s very first white musk which is one of their best sellers until today. I would know because I’m one of the thousands or even millions of people who still purchase the same perfume over and over again. If it weren’t their best seller, I’m pretty sure it would have been out of the market by now. Right?

Okay, so moving on, last week, my ladies and I were invited to attend the launch of their Black Musk perfume at Mall of the Emirates which of course I wouldn’t miss for the world because I have always been a girl who will always be in love with a musky aroma. The shop was blaring with loud music and beautiful ladies from different cultures all celebrating one scent! Also, the aroma of their new perfume filled the whole place; it was heavenly! My favourite part of course were their sweet treats (lol) and most importantly having my perfume engraved!

Thank you The Body Shop for having us over! Don’t forget to grab yourself the new Black Musk and visit The Body Shop’s social media channels too 🙂

Website | Facebook | Instagram

❤ Bianca


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