Have you ever fallen in love with a place that you visited for the first time and your heart just burst with so much love for the city? It’s like finally, you’ve found your sanctuary and you feel like you finally belong somewhere. A place where you see yourself 10, 15, 30 years from now. A safe haven where you know you’ll be able to follow your dreams, somehow finally showing you your future. Because I know I have when I first visited Toronto. It has lured me in and I can’t stop going back. There’s just something about the place that makes you feel like you belong. They may not have fancy ass building like the ones we have here in the UAE and they sure don’t have the latest Benz in town; they have beggars in the street, electric poles everywhere and never ending roadworks. What they have is something far more special. Something that you don’t see everywhere, it’s the respect that the people have for each other. You bump into someone by accident and the next thing you know the person you hurt is even the one saying sorry. You go in an elevator and the person you get to ride it with will without a doubt say hi or comment about the weather with a smile. It’s like you’re walking around a town with your family. Everyone just cares about each other, everyone is simply humble. So the next time I’m back in Toronto, I’m going to make sure it’s for good.

Now, for the second time around I was able to visit my dream city, and one of my favourite highlights of the trip was going back to Niagara. I’ve been to the city a few months back but only to visit the famous falls. This time though, it’s about time to explore the quaint little town of Niagara On The Lake.
On the way to NOTL (please allow me to use abbreviations lol), we passed by Niagara whirlpool where there were around more than 5 areas from the lake that felt like it can swallow anyone who dared to come near the underwater hurricane.  Not sure if you can see those 4 dots in the middle right? They look small in the photo by they’re pretty big up close.image
Anyway, didn’t stay for long because the weather was getting a little bit chilly since we were near the water; so the next stop was finally Niagara On The Lake.
It was indeed a little town with a romantic glimpse of the past. Imagine Storybrooke; looked almost like that except no harbour. A little fun fact though, after Niagara On The Lake was burnt down and rebuilt in 1812 if I’m not mistaken(correct me if I’m wrong), the original state of the town stayed the same. Basically, time travel; how the town looked in 1812 remains the same until today. Also, no one could franchise in town to keep genuine state of the place, however with an exception of a 3 shops such as Tim Horton’s, Starbucks and Crabtree & Evelyn because apparently those shops are everywhere in Canada; and by everywhere I mean, every street corner. Now moving on…There are two important stops in Niagara On The Lake that you shouldn’t miss visiting (atleast for me).
  1. Prince of Wales Hotel. It’s one of the oldest hotels which was established wayyyy back 1864. When you google it, it’s literally a tiny hotel. The interior though will blow you away the moment you set your foot in their vintage sanctuary. I’d definitely want to stay here the next time I come back ❤
  2. Old Town Goodies: When you get there just a few minutes walk after the clock tower, on your right, you’ll see Old Town Goodies. Order their maple walnut icecream….and then….ask them to drizzle……. MAPLE SYRUP on your ice cream!!  You’ll thank me later once you get to taste it, so YOU’RE WELCOME!!! Oh! and don’t forget to order for a medium sized one! 😀
    i look constipated AF but please concentrate on Old Town Goodies!!!There are little shops as well such as this Vikings souvenir shop and other fancy cafe’s and restaurants that you shouldn’t hesitate to visit.
Also, don’t forget to take lots of photos unlike me who totally forgot to snap photos because really, Niagara On The Lake stole my heart. I think it’s still back there, waiting for me to come back. *sigh.
One thing to remember when you go on trips, save money and when you get to your destination, don’t hesitate to spend on the good stuff. You traveled for a reason and that’s to experience what life has to offer you. It’s okay to splurge once in a while but of course, splurge responsibly 🙂
That’s all for now I guess. Stay tuned for my next travel post. It’ll be a li’l educational but super fun as I talk about visiting the Bata Shoe Museum! Toodles!
❤ Bianca

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