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For the second time around my usual girls and I weren’t going to miss We Run Dubai. For this year’s goal, Abby and I were determined to beat our 1 hr and 35 minutes’ run from last year. Sadly though, after reaching the 5th km mark, we had to use the toilet so badly where we waited in line for around 15 minutes thus leading us to finish the run in 2 hours!!! After using the loo, our run had deteriorated, probably because we were idle in line for way to long which led us to feel the sudden pain on our legs. This was a lesson learned I guess…which is also common sense, use the toilet before you run! Doesn’t matter what time we finished though because at the end of the day we were able to complete another 10km, and also got ourselves the medal!


Our view while running. Who wouldn’t have energy to run in this scenery? ❤


With my usual suspects and our regular victim.


Did you participate in the run this year? How was your experience?

❤ Bianca


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