The Happy List


Going back to work after a 14 day vacation always feels like..mehh. If I earned a dollar for every time I went out instead of going to work, man I would have been filthy rich by now. But oh well, you gotta earn for a living. Despite the fact that work is catching up on me, my week has been pretty okay so far. Here’s my life lately.

  1. I’ve completed a couple of things for the magazine at an earlier time than usual.
  2. Miraculously surviving work despite a 2 hour sleep at night because of my jetlag. Body clock is still in Canada.
  3. Temperatures are finally dropping and it’s getting colder as each day passes!
  4. Mae and I had a quiet moment to get some extra work done in Caribou last Monday. We’re planning to make it a regular thing. It helps boost our energy.
  5. Cleared my laundry basket after a half century!
  6. Met with my former professor in La Salle-Dasma. It feels good see familiar faces 🙂
  7. Street nights are back and stopped by Lady Mauve’s little kiosk to get this amazing necklace and sunnies. Also got to see this little boy ❤
  8. Swarmed through C-Wonder’s 90% off sale. There wasn’t much which was disappointing but at least I got myself a new sweater ❤
  9. Justin Bieber’s Sorry and this dance tribute to the song. Mae and I were up last night learning the steps!
  10. Won 2 tickets to see The Bridge of Spies Premiere!

How did your week go?

❤ Bianca


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