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I’ve always had a love for shoes; so much so that I have a number of pairs at home and only use 3 or 4 of them on a regular basis. But let’s move on with that…speaking of shoes, today, we’re talking about the Bata Shoe Museum.  I have this thing for museums, old things, old cities, anything vintage and nostalgic. So when we were going to visit Bata Shoe Museum, I couldn’t contain my happiness. It’s like fashion and history in one place (I have a fascination for anything historical too).

The museum was divided 4 main exhibits:

All about Shoes: Footwear Through the Ages: Basically contained the first kind of shoes in history (almost) like the lotus shoes (where Chinese women’s feet were bound as a symbol of beauty) or the African’s Asante slippers with gold adornments. The place was jampacked with such rich stories from the past; it’s unbelievable how they acquired these shoes.

Beauty, Identity, Pride: Native North American Footwear: Seeing their shoe collection made me think that bohemian fashion must have clearly come from the Native North Americans. Honestly, I wish they made more shoes like the ones in my photos cause they are absolutely adorable! Looking closely at their work and reading that everything was handmade, looks like the world’s first shoe designers were them. They know their colours, patterns and everything about it looks exquisite.

The Curious History Of Men In Heels: Did you know that men originally wore heels back in the days? Yup, they started it! I’ll let you read through the photo below so you have an idea about why men actually embraced heels during the 17th century.


Fashion Victims: The Pleasures & Perils of Dress in 19th Century: As the description goes, simply talks about the kind of shoes during the 19th century. Mannnn, while reading stories about the 19th century footwear, i realized, shoemakers weren’t much of a fan of foot anatomy.If you look at the shoes below, you’ll see that the shape of the shoes were almost like a stiff rectangular box. How the hell can you fit your feet in there? They’re so narrow.

So there you go folks, my shoe travel in Toronto. I loved this trip cause I learned a few things about the history of shoes. I’d say my favourite part was the Native North American Footwear, that was trendy! ❤  Which one’s yours?

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

❤ Bianca


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