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Hi there my lovely artists! Today I’m going to share with you the materials you need to begin with calligraphy.

Here’s your list:

  1. A good quality graphed notepad: Rhodia or mnemosyme. I’m currently using mnemosyme but I highly recommend you getting the Rhodia one as it’s thicker and smoother. You can easily get them at Book World in Dubai Mall. If they don’t have that, a good quality, thick graphed paper will do.
  2. Calligraphy nib and nib holder. For beginners the Nikko G nib is recommended which needs more pressure when writing to control your thin and thick strokes. Because I’ve already practiced with the Nikko G for quite a few months now, I decided to switch to Hunt Imperial as it’s easier for me to compose my letters when the tines of the nib smoothly splits on paper. However, you can use always try a variety of nibs you can work on and see where you’re comfy at 🙂 Nibs and holders can also be found in Book World, Dubai mall.
  3. Ink. I’m currently using Winsor and Newton Calligraphy Ink in Sepia which I got shipped from the US. There are available inks in Book world (Dubai Mall) so you grab your own choice of ink too.
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  4. A good work desk. Because it’s important to have a good space while doing calligraphy. You need a convenient area where you can move your arms freely and keep your calligraphy materials at bay so that it’s not cluttered.
  5. Work guides. As you already know, copperplate is in Italic form. So how else are we going to get a consistent 50-55degrees slant? That’s through work guides. The ones I use are from biancamascorro.com
  6. Exemplar : These are important because of course, while learning copperplate you have to have a good reference so you have something to compare your work to. You can visit these Script lessons online and choose which one you like most. Study them! My exemplar is CV Howe’s Lessons in Engrosser’s Script (Copperplate).

To prepare your nibs, I suggest you visit ate Nina’s how to prepare your nib for writing. She explained it better than I ever could. hehehe. Plus, I use a different method to prepare my nibs and that’s by heating it up with a lighter. Well there you go, the materials you need and how to prepare for them 🙂

For my next post, I’ll be showing you how I warm up and do my drills; practice with me if you can. I’ll be allotting a week of practice for each form so we (I lol) all have time to work on it. I know everyone’s busy and that’s including me and I can only allot so much time in a day. Don’t forget to stay tuned on my next post! Ciao.

❤ Bianca




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