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*Note: This is how I personally practice my drills.

Before I begin writing words or letters, I always make it a habit to do drills to warm up my arm movements. It’s important to relax those nerves before putting pen on paper ’cause you don’t want your letters to look shaky right? Right. Not only does it relax arm movement is also helps improve muscle memory. This means that if you keep practicing and make this a habit, soon enough, you’re not going to take the next 5 hours just doing drills. Your hand movement will get used to it, and it will be easier for you to begin writing.

First, I take my pen and create circles over and over on top of each other. The goal here is to draw a repetition of circles without your pencil leaving the page and to draw exactly on top of the first circle you drew. You won’t get it perfect at first but just keep doing it starting from a small round figure until you can make a bigger circle.

Warning: There will be lots of circles on your paper.

Once I see that my circles are coherent, I start to draw straight lines this time.


IMG_1320 copy

When I feel that my arms are fully relaxed and not shaky, I begin to finally do my squared top strokes (don’t even know if that’s the correct term. So forgive me. Lol)


I apologize for creating a blot and for the shaky stroke…I was taking a video of this on my own. And with that said, I should get a mini tripod soon.

Creating a squared stem stroke is kinda easy. Simply press your nib on the paper until the tines split. Drag down your pen and slowly close off the tines before you lift your pen up. A common mistake that I used to make was to lift my pen before the tines close. Another is when there’s too much ink on my pen thus creating a blot and an imperfect squared top and bottom like the photo I shared below.


If you don’t want to write on your guide, (I’m using biancamascorro’s guide sheet) assuming you already printed it out, you can simply place it under your practice sheet and follow the lines.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Don’t forget to allot time for doing this, say 15 – 30 mins or 1 hour. It depends on you but I’m going to allot an hour a day for this. Write the date on your practice sheet so by the end of the week, you can compare how your lines started, to how it looks after a week of practice. Another thing to not miss, take notes everytime you practice so you’ll know what you have to improve.

I’ll see you on Sunday and introduce another kind of stroke! I hope you can share your work on Instagram by using the hashtag #biancawrites so we can critique each other! Happy writing!

❤ Bianca


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