The Happy List

So thankful the week flew by so quickly. Since Sunday, the moment I woke up, I contemplated on whether I should go to work or sleep in…but I ended up rushing to the bathroom at the last minute to get ready anyway. Even though I dragged myself every morning to work, I must say that this week has been eventful.

  1. Gloomy days aren’t for Dubai so when the sun decided to hide behind the clouds, I decided to savour every moment of it. Also, it rained!
  2. I’ve finally started my calligraphy journey! You can check all my posts on calligraphy here.
  3. Mae and I headed to The Melting pot 2 days back to do a food review. It was a different experience I must say. Soon on the blog 🙂
  4. Celebrated Magic Planet’s anniversary with Mae and we were like kids running around the arcade place! We were back to being kids once again! Also, collected 867 tickets!
    Snapchat quality photo. Btw, let’s be friends on snapchat! Add me: beadanise 🙂
  5. Justin Bieber’s songs are eargasms. It’s official, I’m a Belieber..and proud.
  6. This new duo that I discovered thanks to Mae. They’re called Oh Wonder. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEM! Current fave is Without You ❤
  7. Thursday proved to be the slowest day of the week so Mae and I decided to head out of the office for lunch. Our foot dragged us to JBR for some ol’ Panda Express foodie.
  8. Finally the weekend. It’s something I’m always happy about every week! Lol.
  9. Next work week will only be for 3 days. HAPPY 44TH BIRTHDAY U.A.E 🙂
  10. A hot tea on a chilly day ❤

There you go! Have a great weekend everyone!

❤ Bianca


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